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Friday, August 6, 2010

Sara B...Oh my.

I am so incredibly excited for this album to come out, I could pee my pants...I did pee my pants...No, just a little...Okay not at all...but I'm peeing my pants in my mind...doyouknowudimsayin? Okay get that I'm excited and there's pee involved in some way. my brother would say. Whoa..this post went downhill fast.

Let me make up for it with this...
Sara has been posting webisodes of the making of her album. This is like me...working on my EP. This is what I do...except for not in a really fancy nice recording studio with an engineer and producer and it's just me in my bedroom on my Macbook and I'm the engineer and the producer and the artist, so it's kinda like me, but not really, but sort of, but definitely cooler, but kind of like me, it's about the same actually, but different, but same.

Watch this video and see if you pee, too. Hopefully not. But hopefully.

Album is due out September 7th!!!


Dale said...

My neighbor looks a lot like Sara. It's kind of trippy. Every time I see her I'm reminded of you, though. :)

Tara : Damon said...

maybe you shouldn't joke lightly about peeing your pants. cause one day you might have just come back from the pool and are walking up stairs to your apartment and you sneeze and pee your pants a little. and then you may feel bad, cause you never really knew, not until that moment. i hear that's not supposed to happen till like the end of pregnancy, but sometimes i'm an early bloomer. ps. i knershi you. also i'm excited to see you next week?