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Monday, August 23, 2010

I had a dream....

That I was sick (which is a true statement...I felt like crap last night) and John Mayer held me all night and sang to me my favorite songs (of his.) It was a cruel reality to wake up to the alternative, however, I am not complaining. Though not real, it was amazing.

On a side note, Deanna just told me on skype that I type like a "demon" and it sounds like the aliens on Signs cause she can't see me. She is amazing.

Also I've only had two doses of Nyquil and two huge glasses of orange juice in the last 18 hours. My stomach hates me.

The end. I would like to go snooze about John Mayer again. Hasta.


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Kylee said...

sorry for my part in your insomnia---but actually I'm not really sorry since I adore our talks.