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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Self Worth

It's about time we stop looking in the mirror and buying into our issues with self-worth, self-depracation, self-questioning, and belittling beliefs about our own inadequacy.  This can also, and often does, show up in our judgment and criticalness of others.  You may think belittling yourself doesn't affect others and may feel your own worthlessness is of no consequence, but it is of severe consequence.  The messages we put out about ourselves and others join the collective consciousness and feed in to the mass deception that we have to DO something to BE something and we have to LOOK this or that way to BE worthwhile, acceptable or worth love or that our value comes from ANYTHING outside of ourselves.  That kind of message can hurt those closest to you as well as those you may never meet. I am a strong advocate that we are all accountable for our own feelings and that no one can make us feel what we don't already feel inside.  I'm not suggesting that by feeding into our own self worth issues we are responsible for creating others'.  But what I am suggesting is that when we decide to see the truth of who we are and live that truth we offer others permission to see themselves in the truth of who they are.  You have the power to lift yourself out of your own struggle and offer a tremendous gift to others when you do so.  You have the power create a world where people know they belong simply because they exist, they have worth simply because they were born, they were created exactly the way they were supposed to be and it's perfect, and there's nothing they have to DO to earn it.  Any self-improvements they make are out of love and support in being their truest self and they offer everyone around them that same love and joy and allowance.  I guarantee we'll start seeing a world with less addiction, murder, suicide, pain and struggle.  It's not just about you.  Remember that the next time you want to compare yourself, put yourself down or make a judgment about another.  You can continue in that pattern.  Or you can start sending out the true message of self worth.

You are beautiful.
You are worthwhile.
Your worth is embedded in your being. 
It's not outside of you.  No one can take it away or alter it.
Each of us has a unique divine blueprint of who we are which should be celebrated!
You don't have to earn it or change anything about you. It is already yours to have.
Just BE.
You see it in a child, you see it in others. Start seeing it in yourself.