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Monday, August 9, 2010

Cry Baby Cry

Some of you may have heard, I'm making an EP. Some of you may not believe me, because it's taking so dang long. But it's going to's happening. Really. I thought I might reveal some of the songs that I'm putting on it as it gets closer to release. As of right now the plan is 7 songs. That is more than a typical's why it's not definite. But, I have so many songs and I'm writing more as we speak that I just want to get them out there. So you can hold them and cradle them and love them and snuggle them like all good music babies should be loved. ha. Anyway... There are 6 original songs and one cover. If you know me at all you probably already know what that cover is. I've been singing it for almost 10 years Almost....okay actually only 7? 8? But that's closer to 10 than to...1...okay I'm rambling.

Here is the first song...not the first track, but the first one I am sharing to you now. It's called "Cry Baby Cry", not to be confused with "Cry Baby" that awesomely awful Johnny Depp movie/musical from 1990. Don't hate..I love Johnny Depp with a fiery passion. But it's even weird for Johnny...he's hot. Okay back to the song. Geez...I'm having ADD.


Cry Baby Cry

cry baby cry
you're walking on your own
live, love or die
trying to find a home
running away
why don't you stay
here where it's safe

cry baby bird
afraid to leave the nest
haven't you heard
it's better to face the mess
here comes the cold
will creep in your bones
then you will know
which is worse

oh we gotta learn
the cold still burns
so keep me burning
in loveless yearning
ah ah ah ah
ah ah ah ah

fly baby fly
nothing can hurt you now
why don't you try
something will come around
love comes and goes
and heaven knows
it's worth your while
just give it time
and you will find
you'll find your way
if not right now
you'll learn someday
that what you do
comes back to you
and then you'll see
what you can be
you can fly

lyrics by Catherine Papworth
music by Catherine Papworth & Hunter Brady

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Tara : Damon said...

i am SO excited for the EP!!!! i can't wait to sing all the songs driving around in my car. and play them in my lonely apartment during the day and just love them!