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Saturday, August 21, 2010

late night nostalgia

I promised a post about my recent trip but this is not that post.

A few weeks ago I decided to experiment with facebook to see how far back my life is archived on there. I got tired of hitting "Older posts" or whatever after around 2006. So many good memories, quotes, friends, places and old adventures were recalled to my memory. I found this post by a one Buck Mangum. It made my day...for the second time. It's nice to know when someone really sees you & who you are.


You know when you meet someone, but unbeknownst to you there's this whole OTHER - DEEPER someone inside full of mystery and intrigue - well, basically full of a life full of experience and heartache and joy. You are that person.

 That's why you're such an amazing person / songwriter / musician / leader / example for so many.

Thanks takes one to know one, kid.

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