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Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Sometimes friends subtly depart from your life and you don't hear from them for 2 years and you wonder on occasion what happened. You think about them often, nostalgia sets in and there's a slight ache in your heart where their friendship once took place. You try to reach them but they are morally opposed to social networking sites and you're not sure they have the same phone number. Then you buy an album and reminisce a period in your life when they played a pivotal part. And then in the middle of you pondering their departure, they appear, and your heart swells with inconceivable joy..... I know you hate mushy....but I've missed you Ashkan Memarian. I appreciate your friendship and thank goodness for 202 or else "we wouldn't be friends." So many good memories. I love you...let's be friends...again.



Deanna said...

What???!!!!!! You got a hold of Ashkan???!!!!! He's alive??!!!!!! I miss that kid! He and I wouldn't be friends if you and I weren't friends because he told me neither he nor I had an initial attraction to each other so there is no way we would have met hahaha

Catherine said...

hahaha. that made me laugh... he was lying to himself. Come out here...we'll go to LA and visit him.