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Friday, August 20, 2010

I'm getting married....

Many of you will be shocked and excited to know that....finally....after all these years....I've fallen in love.

And after a relatively short courtship, I'm getting married. To this song. We've fallen in love and we're going to move into a little cabin in some backwoods/coastal town in northern california and make and we're really happy and we hope we win a lot of money, but we won't use it to buy new things, only old things that are moderately expensive now and then we'll donate the rest to the local YMCA and children's hospital and we'll pass the time drinking tea and knitting quilts for children in Africa and eating at the local diner and taking long walks on the beach and chopping wood to put in our little fireplace and sitting on the rug staring into each other's....eyes...cause there's nothing that could possibly make us happier so there's nothing else to do now but make it official before the state court. I'm just waiting for California to recognize our love as equal and protected under the same laws as other married......people. I mean, if it's love why can't it be marriage?

okay, this post wasn't meant to be political. But really I am obsessed with this song. I may have put it on my favorite playlist and I may get up from what I'm doing to go start it over when it's done, and I may put it on "repeat one" on itunes and listen to it over and over and then put it in my car stereo and do the same thing. No bigs.

The official video is a little gloomy. So if/when you listen to this...close your eyes and picture me discovering it for the first time (courtesy of Ms.--extraordinarily awesome friend of America--Kim Henne) on the PCH (Pacific Coast Highway), coming through the tail end of the little coastal town of Encinitas, complete with palm trees above, farmers markets, vintage clothing stores, people riding beach cruisers and surfers walking with their boards after catching the morning waves....then coming over the hill into Carlsbad where I was enveloped in salty, cool air as the ocean finally revealed itself in its quiet glory....fuzzy blue clouds above, golden lining on the horizon, frothy waves hitting the shore and that feeling like everything in this moment is perfect and everything is going to be just fine.

Of course I quickly texted Kim asking, where did you get this song? She said it was on a "new hippie" which I responded: Perfect.

We're in love....until I fall in love again. with a new song. but don't worry fleet floxes...i love you for the memories, so I'll come back again :).

Here's a cute little cover. I don't own any of this girl's music, but she has an album out and if you like Colbie Caillat, you may like her music, too. Mostly I'm impressed with their ingenious use of the steamer as a tambourine. I might steal that idea.

I feel like I've been away for so long. There is a blog post whirling in my head about my travels, mishaps, blunders and eventual redemption. Coming soon.


Dale said...

Glad you got home safe! I'm excited to see the new post and to listen to these songs when I'm done with work.

Cat! You're awesome! I'm very happy we're friends. Thanks for spending so much time with me this week. I really appreciate it and you!

Deanna said...

I totally heard this song about two months ago from my friend Heidi!! Love it!!
New Hippie. Fantastic, Kim!

p said...

love that song.