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Thursday, May 22, 2008

A shout out to Archie

Not that I watch that insanely commercialized show which claims to showcase America's finest singers---which I sympathize, must be nearly impossible to do given the extreme implications of that feat (but if Jason Castro can make it on there, anyone can.)  I digress...and not that I really care whose name claims the title for one year and then is forgotten about---Taylor Hicks who??? Because really we all know that it's the really talented, hard-working, marketable ones that make it in the business anyway--not the one who wins. Besides, both finalists get the Hybrid SUV which is pretty sweet in my car, good for the environment, easy on the checkbook...I digress again... 

What I'd like to say is...Tuesday coming into the finals of said show (well I guess it was never said...but you know what I mean), I really didn't care which David would be America's favorite.  Both of them are talented, both of them are well-liked and both have promising futures.  

But come on, America...did anybody watch Tuesday's show?? Archuleta killed it.  Just to preface my statements though, I totally prefered Cook for most of the season and though obviously Archuleta was good, his voice was just too honey smooth for me and too safely kept in that high tenor range.  He just didn't have that edge for me that I wanted to hear from him.  But over the last few weeks, Cook started to plateau, singing flat high notes and dull performances.  And then Archuleta comes in with a breathtaking performance of "And so it goes" was amazing...I think we watched it 4 times.  And then the finale...did anybody in America watch it???  Archlueta freaking ripped up his first song, letting go all inhibition and and gave a truly inspiring performance.  My jaw dropped.  And as much as I wanted Cook to show us his game, he awfully underestimated.  I was almost certain coming into the show tonight what the result would be...honestly I thought it was a given.

But then the moment Simon started re-calling his statements from last night, I knew something shifty was happening.  I just don't understand how after that, 12 million votes could swing the result in the wrong direction.  Seriously, were all of those people deaf?  Maybe the voters were from Florida.

So this is my shout out to Archie...who proved himself Tuesday night in that show's not like I watch every week.  He should've won.  And America is stupid.  The end.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

On My Own...short time only

I put up a song that is going to be on my album on myspace.  It's completely unmixed and really just in progress.  But, I feel the need to get my music out there because I tell people I'm recording an album but nobody's heard my music.  So, for a short while I will have this track up, but since it's so rough draft I will take it down and maybe put up something else in progress.  Like a progress report.  or not, cause those usually include bad markings from your teacher and that upset look your parents give you when they want to tell you that you're an underachiever.  Anyway.  The track is called "On My Own" and it's on my myspace:



P.S. Next time I will tell you about National Ride Your Bike To Work Day and taking a sexy picture with the mayor.  stay tuned :)!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Day 2...

I ran 4 miles today in 38 minutes.  I haven't run over 3 miles in at least a year.  Minor accomplishment to some, but 4 miles at 4,549 feet without my inhaler--because unfortunately I suffer from exercise induced asthma--was quite a feat.  A "mile"stone if you will...ha, I'm bad with puns.  

So I ran up at Rock Canyon Park: one loop is 1/2 mile.  I find the route quite splendid.  There are two hills followed by straight-aways and a gorgeous view on both sides.  For being one who usually hates monotonous running in circles, I quite enjoy it.  Today there were a couple groups of teenagers ice blocking, playing frisbee and picnicking on the interior of the trail as I ran and by my 7th lap apparently they took notice and sent a chestnut-haired boy over to run with me and all snickered at this daring maneuver.  Needless to say, I couldn't hear him because my music was turned up so loud.  And despite realizing that he was probably going to say something incredibly stupid, I turned down my music and was ready to remark on how it must be really hard to be cool these days, 9th grade is the pits, (which would have been quite the insult...since he was clearly in the 10th grade), when he said:

"How is your run?"
me: "Good" *pant*
"Oh well, uh, umm, my friends thought this would be, bye"

His tone was reluctant and at that point I figured the sarcastic comment about the 9th grade would have just rubbed in the fact that he had just realized he'd been peer-pressured into acting like an idiotic prick.

The rest of my day has been spent reading a book on the life of Chopin, while listening to his 24 preludes out on my deck, and engaging in the all too favorite past-time of exposing my skin to damaging UV rays in order to look like an aborigine.  Well, the shade of one.

Off to go finish unpacking my room (I've only been here 2 weeks) and get all set up so I can start mixing Noteworthy.  I can't start on anything in there until everything is put neatly in its place...blame the OCD in me.  

Until next time,


My first post...

So I've thought about getting one of these for a little while now.  Every time (I thought 
"every time" was one word--dang squiggly red line) I go to make one though, I realize I still haven't thought of an interesting url or blog title.  And.... I still don't.  So my name, that's easy...and the title is subject to change I guess.  

Now that I'm out of school with all this free time on my hands, why not waste everyone else's with futile details of my life and the day to day.  I guess that's reason #2 why I avoided making the blog.  What if no one reads it.  Should there be something disconcerting about sharing your thoughts on the world wide web only to let them sink away into some cyber-waste dump pile?  Ah, heck.  

So I'm obviously new to this and I just clicked on some template accidentally and now my page is the color of a bright unripe avocado.  Sorry about that.  As soon as I figure out how to do something less heinous with it, I will.

Well, I guess the first post should share with you (my avid readers), some news about my life.  Since much has happened ("much" meaning "a lot", not "of magnitude"--necessarily), it might serve well to make a list, maybe like a laundry list, or a top ten list or an inventory, if you will.

1) I graduated.  I now have a Bachelor of Music in Media Music and a certificate in Sound Recording Technology, 5 years of anxiety to de-stress from, and no clue where to go from here.

2)  I'm training for a half marathon.  That's 13.1 miles... I'm somehow incorporating this into my de-stressing program. 

3)  Tracking for Noteworthy's second album is almost finished.  Thank you to the ladies for singing so well and putting up with my lousy equipment, and contributing to my rent fund.

4)  I'm producing Noteworthy's second album--just for all those who aren't quick to assume.

5)  Amy and I started our official training on Monday with cross-training, i.e. biking.  Our first 2 minutes into the ride she ate it on a curb, skid across some grass,  and hit a tree.  It was hard core, to say the least.  She didn't cry, but swore of biking for eternity.  Pics to come.  I ended up running on the treadmill.  

6)  Utah is nice this time of year, when it's not hailing out of the blue during the one hour I choose to move the rest of my belongings from my old house to my new house, or snowing during the graduation processional...I'll have plenty more time to rant about the weather.

7)  My birthday is in three weeks...I feel like I've been 23 for at least 6 months now.  Time to make it official.

8)  My family came to visit for graduation and I got to see my nephew, who is probably my most favorite person on the planet.  I know no one cares as much as me, but I have pictures and video...just you wait.

9)  My album progress is not going to happen exactly as planned seeing as my producer is moving next week to California and it turns out I was staying in Utah for the sole objective to work with him.  However, since the plans were made I'm rolling with it and going to enjoy my time with friends and sunshine that does not include 118 degrees (home is in Arizona).  I'm not complaining though, I get to live in a really nice place on a budget I can afford with great roommates and a new "previously owned vehicle" to whip around town in.  All in all I think it's going to be a good summer.  

10) There is no number ten that I can think of really.  I feel like I'm already just coming up with mundane details anyway.  But for now, "Lost" was crazy last night. What?  My brain might explode with all of the possibilities of what is going on.  There better be a good tie-in to this story, or I might sue ABC for all of the hours I've spent totally confused.  Is there a plausible case for that?  Should I even ask.  Oh, concerning #9, I will still be recording an album...don't you fret.  

Well, I apologize for the stark cynicism of this post.  It's late...or early...I promise to be more cheery next time.