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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Random great news...

I just finished editing "Stayin' Alive" for is hot. I'm glad to have this off my list.

Secondly, I just got this text from my brother. I have said this on more than one occasion, but my nephew is one of the coolest people I've ever met....he's 2. I want to be him. Not really, but he's a rockstar. He's a little adult in a 2 year old's body...The first time you meet him he will probably say, "What's up?!" to you or, "Cool shoes!"--especially if they're Nike's. I have also said on more than one occasion that I hope my kids are as cool and crazy as him and that I can possibly love them just as much....which I'm sure I will love them plenty & more. But...I just can't fathom it because my love is so great for little Will and Ella.

This was the text:

"Will turned 15 yesterday and decided to sleep in until 10 this morning and Kristi and I had to wake him up. Then he ate some captain crunch with crunch berries and decided to name them crunch balls. While eating he looked up at Kristi and said mommy you are sooo beautiful and Ella is sooo beautiful. Then he randomly said I love grandma sooo much. A little later I told him we were going to watch the BYU football game next Saturday and he said yep with Kristin and Catherine and grandma and grandpa. I told him probably just Kristin for this one. He's been really funny today."

I love my family. I wish I had some crunch balls.

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