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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Enlightenment on the Road

I tend to receive tidbits of thought enlightenment while running.  This was today's:

Lessons For Life and Running

  • When running, it is best to set a goal.  If you want to, you can run aimlessly, but you will only run to the point that you have conditioned yourself to.  i.e. if you don't set a goal, you will most likely only run the distance that you are comfortable at running.  For some of us, that is zero. i.e. you will never improve. Likewise, in life, if you want a NEW experience, to stretch yourself or to reach a better destination than you have already reached, you must set a goal.  Don't run around aimlessly in life without one!!! If I had not set a goal to reach the stop sign at the top of that huge hill today and had not kept my eye on it the whole time, there is no way I would have made it to the top.  I would have stopped when my body got tired.  (which was not even halfway!) Even if you can't see clearly what your final destination is, imagine what it would FEEL like when you get there.  And keep moving!!!
  • In life, like running, if you stop for too long you'll have to work to get back in shape.  Don't get discouraged.  Just start again.  That's why it's called exercise.  Each time you are applying/practicing/testing.  We have to keep doing it.  (Yes, it is worth it!)
  • Don't be afraid of the gag reflex when you reach your destination.  It just means you gave it your all.  You will be less afraid of that feeling the next time you get to that point.
  • Good music really helps along the way :)  Today's pick-me-up: Rihanna // We Found Love

Ironically, when I reached the top of the hill and to that stop sign I kept my eye on the whole time, I looked down and found this stamped on the sidewalk. :)  Enlightenment is the destination.  Happy running!