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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

"Just when I thought you couldn't get any dumber...

You go and do something like this....."

Sometimes you make mistakes in life.  Sometimes those mistakes make you look like a real idiot.  Sometimes you don't even know you're making the mistake when you're making it.  But you still look like a real idiot.

In other words....I feel like an idiot today. Dang.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Different than you thought

Have you ever been in a situation for a substantial amount of time (a relationship, job, friendship, etc) and then suddenly came to the realization that things are not really the way you perceived they were?  That that person doesn't really feel the way you thought they felt about you, or you're really not doing as well at work as you thought you were, or your perception of life and the way it was is not really how it is....

It's not like coming out of a breakup or a bad friendship or losing a job, where you are forced to look in hindsight at the situation.  I mean when you're right in the middle of it...and nothing really has changed, except you're suddenly shocked at the way things are and that you couldn't possibly have seen it coming.  That realization is almost embarrassing in a way.  And then what do you do about it...  It's like waking up and walking out the door with something super awkwardly wrong with you---like underwear stuck to your pant leg, or a fresh mud mask on your face.  You go about your day completely unaware that anything is wrong, while the rest of the world is staring and judging you in your predicament.  I suppose it's best to just shrug it off and go about your life like you intended it to be that way...right?  I don't know...

In other news....Michelle (roommate) and I were looking up the "23 Enigma" online since apparently she has weird/bazaar/scary connections to that number and unbeknownst to her, there is an entire enigma surrounding it...look it up, youtube probably explains it better than I would.  But, I thought it was kind of random/funny that my last post was on July "23"rd.  If I could somehow pen the theme to the "Twilight Zone" I would...'s been way too long.  and I apologize to my 2 readers out there.  Thank you for your patience.  I'm back...hopefully to stay.