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Thursday, May 22, 2008

A shout out to Archie

Not that I watch that insanely commercialized show which claims to showcase America's finest singers---which I sympathize, must be nearly impossible to do given the extreme implications of that feat (but if Jason Castro can make it on there, anyone can.)  I digress...and not that I really care whose name claims the title for one year and then is forgotten about---Taylor Hicks who??? Because really we all know that it's the really talented, hard-working, marketable ones that make it in the business anyway--not the one who wins. Besides, both finalists get the Hybrid SUV which is pretty sweet in my car, good for the environment, easy on the checkbook...I digress again... 

What I'd like to say is...Tuesday coming into the finals of said show (well I guess it was never said...but you know what I mean), I really didn't care which David would be America's favorite.  Both of them are talented, both of them are well-liked and both have promising futures.  

But come on, America...did anybody watch Tuesday's show?? Archuleta killed it.  Just to preface my statements though, I totally prefered Cook for most of the season and though obviously Archuleta was good, his voice was just too honey smooth for me and too safely kept in that high tenor range.  He just didn't have that edge for me that I wanted to hear from him.  But over the last few weeks, Cook started to plateau, singing flat high notes and dull performances.  And then Archuleta comes in with a breathtaking performance of "And so it goes" was amazing...I think we watched it 4 times.  And then the finale...did anybody in America watch it???  Archlueta freaking ripped up his first song, letting go all inhibition and and gave a truly inspiring performance.  My jaw dropped.  And as much as I wanted Cook to show us his game, he awfully underestimated.  I was almost certain coming into the show tonight what the result would be...honestly I thought it was a given.

But then the moment Simon started re-calling his statements from last night, I knew something shifty was happening.  I just don't understand how after that, 12 million votes could swing the result in the wrong direction.  Seriously, were all of those people deaf?  Maybe the voters were from Florida.

So this is my shout out to Archie...who proved himself Tuesday night in that show's not like I watch every week.  He should've won.  And America is stupid.  The end.

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Amy said...

I have to completly agree with you on pretty much everything. isn't it funy that we both aren't freak's who are obsessed and watch the show every week but we can have such strong and detailed opinions on that matter?