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Saturday, October 31, 2009

water rising


I realize this holiday isn't quite as exciting when you're a 24 year old in a desert that's perpetually summer and you don't fancy big drinking parties and an excuse to dress up like a slut...bunny slut...kitty slut...superwoman slut...take your pick. if I were dressing up it would probably be something extremely un-sexy. like a tator-tot or a light bulb...i dont know those were the first two un-sexy things that came to mind.

so much has happened in the last two weeks. It feels like it's been two months! nothing extremely exciting, but a lot of anecdotes to write about. Unfortunately, I don't have the time right now to embellish. but i will...soon.

for now i am working on a new song: water rising. it came out of a really depressed moment recently---ha..shocker. it just felt like being stuck with your feet planted on the floor while water is flooding in...trying to stay afloat. trying just to breathe. don't mean to wax poetic here...but that's how it felt. and i opened up Reason and began recording...what, I didn't know. but it was cathartic and here's what I have so far.

the water's rising faster than
i can shovel it with my hands
and i a running against the wind
cold is reaching beneath my skin

the water's rising faster than
i can shovel it with my hands
and i am falling into the cracks
where i'm going i can't come back

so lift me up
above the wind
where the water can't rise again
hold me close
inside your warmth
cause i am small
within your arms
lift me up

once again, HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! I hope your nightmarish dreams come true!? I watched the BEST Disney Halloween movie recently--Hocus Pocus...soo good. Bette Midler...amazing. In un-true Halloween fashion, I am going out to sushi tonight--which might be scary for some...but oh so good for me. Hope you have a candy-filled, pumpkin-lit, ghoulishly great night. (check out that illiteration).



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