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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

nostalgic findings

i was going through old songs today and found this. i arranged this song in high school for my all-female quartet "Dockside Dollies" (your guess is as good as mine...)
anyway, i know it's not christmas yet...but I was just reminiscing. this reminded me of being 17 and fearless...mostly just musically fearless..but probably in other ways, too. ah the days of ignorant bliss--when you don't know what you don't know...and so you just go...and do. i want to go back to this place again...but maybe to a little more mature, organized, centered fearlessness. abandonment but with a point. though this isn't perfectly in sync or in tune (i.e. the last chord is supposed to be major--haha), its depth and audacity allow for some beautiful moments. not trying to toot my own horn here--just remembering what it's like.

post script: i am sitting here trying to figure out why the word christmas is underlined in red. i'm staring at it like....c-h-r-i-s-t-m-a-s...that's spelled right...right? has spell check become so politically correct that i can't even use the word christmas anymore? and then i realized it's supposed to be capitalized. der.


Tara said...

ugh! i hate that they red things that just need to be capitalized! i hate capitalizing!!! it's so frustrating.
i suene you.
(not swine. not sewn. suENE)

Amy said...

i remember that well - beautiful arrangement cath. remember that judge at that competition said it was most difficult arrangement of that song he'd ever heard and he couldn't belive it was written and performed by a high school student? You are so awesome!