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Monday, April 6, 2009

my thoughts on conference:

I probably didn't get as much out of conference as I should have.  I will for sure be reading the Ensign and watching and re-watching some of the talks online.  I missed a good portion of Saturday due to conflicts and only fell asleep at the end of the first session on Sunday during Pres Monson--oops.  I snored so loud I woke myself up...and made everything laugh.  but anyway...

I really liked Pres Uchtdorf's talk Sun morning and the one a couple after that about change.  President Uchtdorf tends to be my favorite...he just always says what I need to hear...I also love Elder Holland.  Uchtdorf's talk about the atonement and the plan of happiness--that the world tries to find solutions and offer theories to help us solve our problems, but the fullness of the truth about how to obtain happiness is in the gospel of Jesus Christ and through the atonement of Jesus Christ.  We need to fill our hearts and minds with the light of Christ and it will "illuminate our hearts" and help us find immeasurable joy.  He said that anyone can come to Christ and all we need to do is start where we are.  It is never too late.  We all come short because all have sinned, but atonement has the power to make us whole.  We need to be active participants in the gospel and willing to follow the Lord in His will by applying and re-applying ourselves to the gospel principles.  The more we're filled with the Spirit of God the more we reach out to others.  
and that's what it's about, right?

I am sure that I've heard this talk or kind of talk over 100 times.  So much of it was what I already know.   But, something really clicked this time.  There are so many people around my age, at BYU, at home, in the church, out of the church, around the world--it doesn't matter--who are unhappy, depressed, lost, unmotivated, and are searching for solutions in so many different venues: diet books, workout plans, therapy, antidepressants, magazines, name it.  all of these things have truth to them and work...but only for a time...and never fully.  I have failed to recognize along with many others, that the true source of light is in Jesus Christ.  I want so badly for my heart to be illuminated and my capacity for good to be expanded.  I want to find purpose and motivation and be working towards being whole myself and helping others.  The true "solution" or "answer" is in being a true follower of Jesus Christ and a faithful member in his kingdom.  

This is what I gained from Conference today and I can't wait for the talks to be printed so I can continue to re-read this message and remind myself how to find true happiness.

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