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Monday, April 6, 2009

curly hair

I got pampered today...cause I insisted, but still.  I asked Kik today to curl my hair.  The best time to do this was during conference, however,  she refused cause she wanted to write notes.  But, halfway through she decided she would straighten it instead.  This was good news to me since I was starting to fall asleep and this would allow me to sit up and stay awake.  She straightened my hair and then did my makeup.  I have decided...and for a long time...that if there was one thing I would pay someone to do for me everyday it would be my hair and makeup...if I really had the money I would also have a stylist to pick out my outfits.  This is partly because I'm lazy...but mostly because I don't think I have a knack for this myself..I know what looks good, but I don't feel inspired to do it. I am much too low maintenance and also REALLY I don't have the patience to spend that much time making myself look cute.  After she made me up she said, "Go look in the mirror.  You need to get yourself ready everyday."  why..whatever could she's true...I don't have a "job" right now per say so the concept of actually getting ready for the day doesn't really cross me until about 5pm or so but then what's the point.  It would probably help my self-esteem and possibly my love life a bit if I took the care to make myself look nice instead of throwing my hair in to a greasy ponytail and throwing on some sweats---go figure.  I then went to Amy's where she curled my hair wither her "volumizer" straightener--I don't really know.   It was slightly painful and probably would have been impossible to do myself, at least in the back.  So one day when I'm rich and famous, I will have someone to do my hair and makeup and make me look pretty.  

Here are my photobooth glamour shots.  The serious face is kind of funny to me...I don't take myself that seriously.  

       now with straight hair. I did my hair myself this day. *patting myself on the back*


Papworth's said...

You look fantastic!!! It's so fun to get all done up and get pampered! It does make you feel so much better it's true! I don't go a whole lot of places and most the time I have "mom hair" but I have to get ready every day just so I feel better. Even if I don't look the best. I want to get my hair done so badly but I'm having the hardest time wanting to pay for it! I haven't had to pay since I started doing hair in 2003! Now that we moved, I've moved from all my stylist friends. I also get really worried and picky for people to do it since I know exactly how I would do my own hair. Too bad I can't cut my own hair! Keep up the cuteness, I know that's not a word but it works for this situation!

Tara said...

you are. so. sassy.

the word down there says 'rexodi' and somehow that just seems to fit the sass.