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Thursday, April 2, 2009

3rd quote--JACKIE WHERE ARE YOU??!?!

"tell 'em large Marge sent ya"

seriously, guys.


Courtney said...

i would say...but that wouldn't be fair because you told me what it was a 2 days ago....but i do love you.

Dale said...

At first I was thinking A League of Their Own, but then I Yahoo'd it to make sure. It's not. I won't say what it is since I cheated. I haven't seen the movie since I was 12 probably.

Catherine said...

umm..Dale, I didn't know you were a reader...but I'm happy to know you are. Do you have a blog? cause I can't access your profile..let me in! haha.

Dale said...

My only blog is the one Dave and I created for Alan's late night excursions.

I don't have one personally, sorry. I'm not sure I'd be a very good blogger at the moment. I don't think it'd be that interesting for people to read about my life. I found your blog on your facebook page, so I'm not a stalker...promise.

Catherine said...

No I'm glad you're reading. At least someone out there iS!!!:)