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Monday, November 3, 2008

more sunshine...

Here's another video I forgot to include.  He just discovered 'peek-a-boo', but he only covers one he can see what's going on of course.  Then for some reason he is pulling his hair.  I just think it's cute how he's trying to talk to me at the end.

This was over 4th of July...9 months old, teething and just learning to crawl.  They grow so fast. I love his breathing and the miscalculated depth perception on his first attempt at grabbing the chair.  Try, try again.


Tara said...

haha. he's like, ready to have a serious discussion with you- he's so intense!!!

Papworth's said...

He's so cute! They do grow so fast. I keep telling him to stop but he's not listening. He's walking all over the place. We're excited to see you soon!