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Monday, November 24, 2008

I'm grateful...

that I get to go home tomorrow....and see my family and spend time with them,
that it will be between 70-80 degrees while I'm there and I'll get to run outside and lay out by the pool...
that my mom bought the most amazing piano ever...the only thing I would part with our Steinway for and it will be sitting there waiting for me to play anytime I wish...and I'll get to test out my new songs on it.
that my brother is coming out from Denver so I get to see his family, too.  
that God is forgiving, and I always know my place with Him.
for being inspired lately.  
for the stage crew man that found us in our upper bowl seats 2 hours before Coldplay was to come on and moved us to the 3rd row. he is my hero.
for hope? as weird as that sounds...I would be a gonner if there wasn't such a thing. cause hope leads to change, and I've definitely encountered my need for that time to time..or always.
for the gifts I've been given. I just hope that I will get the chance to use all of them...because I really am grateful that I can do what I do....but the downside to that is the fear of never fully making your dreams come to fruition, or taking it for granted, forgetting where it came from and then losing it due to neglect.  I don't like the idea of not fully realizing your potential...or at least not trying your darndest to.
for sacrament talks about putting deer in sleeper-holds...keeps me awake at least.
for music...can't say enough about that.  it's probably all i think about...maybe not all, but it pretty much encompasses everything for me--work, school, friends, family, church, self, world, heaven, expression, love, loss...just everything. 
for my nephew...cause he reminds me of what happiness feels like.
for people who come into your life in the strangest or most unexpected ways and are able to share exactly what you needed from them or what they needed from you and though you never could have anticipated their arrival, in hindsight you can't imagine your life or that part of your life without them.
that the recording project is almost finished...or will be shortly...and I can just put it down and be done with it.  I hope it will turn out well...and maybe if I'm lucky it will turn out more than well...after all that worrying...that would be swell. (i didn't realize that rhymed til I read back over this--such a dork) I'll be working on it all break...when I'm not lounging by the pool, playing with my nephew or eating pumpkin pie---which let's face it, I will be doing a lot of that.  what??--all that beta-carotene has to be good for you:).
for Saturday/night and Laura and her incredible was amazing...I will post later about this.
what are you grateful for??
to be continued...


Tara said...

it will be better than well. eat lots of yummy food and sun and nephew for me! (you know what i mean)
haha... the verification word i have to type in for this is 'nosor'... we should create a word. i nosor you.

JackieE said...

I am grateful for you! Miss you and we must hang before we are off to Miami!