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Monday, October 11, 2010


Hey friends!

This day has arrived. I am so excited. Put on your Depends cause this is peeyourpantsworthy.

You can pre-order my EP via paypal for the next two weeks! I will be sending out all pre-orders up to a week before the official release date on November 6th. I will be signing all pre-orders AND if you enter your e-mail address I will send you an acoustic version of "Enough" sometime in the next two weeks. Do you hear that?!??!! A free song AND a signed copy of the EP!!! That's exciting.

The EP will also be available on iTunes on Nov. 6. After the release date, physical copies can be purchased through my website or in person/at shows!

Go to my reverbnation page to listen to the title track "The Truth" and the EP version of "Enough." Keep checking back because I will be posting more songs as the release date gets closer.

The track listing is as follows:
The Truth EP
1. The Truth
2. Golden
3. Enough
4. Cry Baby Cry
5. Tug of War
6. Somewhere Over the Rainbow

I write, record, produce and make all of my music myself. So, in other words, I pay for and produce everything you hear. I want to continue to make music that uplifts and inspires people and helps us all get through this day to day business we call life and love. I don't have a label backing me or a rich uncle dedicated to my cause (wouldn't that be sweet!) so if you feel so inclined to donate to my cause (honestly a dollar would help) I would appreciate it immensely. 100% of donations will go toward funding this EP release and also the full length album that I am working on and will mean getting it to you even sooner! Thank you in advance for your support and love! I could not do what I do without it!

Much love,


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Erica said...

I love that picture! love you..