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Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Truth

I'm sitting here in a hotel room in San Francisco listening to Noteworthy's album, the sound of planes taking off in the background, and eating a luke warm yoplait yogurt with a fork...just painting a picture for you. My parents are here on business, as am I...fancy that. So, to keep in line with being the mooch I've been to them for the past year, I of course stayed here last night...jk, my mom can't live without me ;) you mom.

Last night at 11 pm I left Milpitas with master CDs to my EP and the Noteworthy album in my hand!!! the culmination of almost 2 years of intermittent work...the bulk of which happened over the last few months. I arranged or co-arranged 8 of the 14 tracks on NW's album and added to the arrangements of at least 3 more for the studio. The girls put so much into this album, including incredible singing, solos, original songs and lots and lots of heart! I am so proud of them and this piece of work. It may not make waves or be the best thing you've ever heard since the invention of collegiate acappella in 2006 (that was for you Christopher), but it's good...and I enjoy litsening to it. And I hope you will too. And that' s the point. (**Thank you Bill Hare!!! and the Hare family--Jennie, Katie & Laura for being incredible hosts and friends this week!!!)

And so the fruits of my labors have been born....after a long, painful, arduous, anxiety-ridden, sometimes rewarding, mentally & emotionally taxing gestation period. I have spent all of this time and energy bringing these music babies to life and they're here...little music infants, not quite ready for the world...but they have to be...usually you get 18 years for this kind of thing...but suddenly I have to send them off into the world and hope that you care for them as much as I do. It's kind of strange. But it's time. Long "overdue", if you will. So that is my hope, that you will love them and take care of them and cherish them and snuggle them and hold them like all good music babies should be loved. Can I count on you?

Now comes a few weeks of the mundane but necessary business side of things...researching, registering songs and business/publishing, mechanical royalties, album art, replication, website design, CD release concert, etc etc...all that fun stuff. And the big, NOW WHAT?! I'm excited for that part...the unknown possibility. I have some things in mind...and I'm not afraid to dive in this time...maybe take a step back and garner a little more from the world...decide what I want to say this time around...who I want to be... And I hope you come along for the ride.

So here I am sitting in my hotel room alone...overly joyed with how the last week went and that I finished something that was really hard and mostly that I got over my own self and pursued something that I wanted...because I had a dream and I wanted to share it with you. And soon I will. But...that joy is somehow slightly less than full...because I'm sitting here alone. I was going to play in the city this weekend, though those plans were slightly hampered by the fact that my friend who was going to join me on this venture is stuck in Utah. And, I could stay and play on my own or just hang out for a few days. But, I can't help but think this moment would be so much better if I was with the people I care about and love...those people are scattered all across the this can't be fully accomplished. But for now, I want to go home. Because I am wholly feeling the sentiment to the title track of my EP....nothing ever has come close, and in the end what matters most is love. So that's the message I'm leaving with you at the culmination of this thing....dreams are great and all, but without love nothing truly matters.

The Truth
by Catherine Papworth

On this night I feel so all alone
empty walls surrounding my empty bones
and everything is alright,
but I just can't shake this feeling inside
'cause I've been looking for
something I ain't had before
something beautiful,
something just to make me whole
but everybody, we all need
we need somebody
'cause nothing ever has come close,
and in the end what matters most is

I met a man out on highway 25
he said he left his kids and kissed his wife goodbye
he said,
I'm out to lose myself on the open road
but searching 'round all the world
he ain't gonna find what he's got at home
but he went looking for
something he thought he'd had before
something beautiful,
something just to make him whole
but everybody, we all need
we need somebody
'cause nothing ever did come close
and he found out what matters most is

people dying, worlds are fighting
and in our homes are children crying
tell me what we're gonna do,
look at the way we live,
the things we choose
'cause everybody needs a home,
the truth is this and this I know
we all fighting just to find a way,
in love
in love

we've been looking for
something we ain't had before
something beautiful,
something just to make us whole
but everybody, we all need
we need somebody
'cause nothing ever will come close,
and in the end what matters most is
(say what you want, what you wanna do 'cause love is gonna come first
we want the truth, nothing but the truth so love is gonna come first
say what you want, what you wanna do 'cause love has gotta come first
we need the truth, nothing but the truth so love has gotta come first)

On this night I feel so all alone....


Dale said...

This is great news! Congrats, Cat! I'm proud of you and can't wait to hear your EP. Wish I could be there to celebrate with you.

Catherine said...

I wish you were, too...we always have our cabin in Michigan...Minnesota...Wisconsin??? and Billie Holiday to look forward to...maybe we can skype and pretend...or maybe let's just be crazy and do it...I mean go to the what I mean. ok...I'm going to bed, goodnight!

Dale said...

Wisconsin!!! Although, any of those states would be perfectly fine, but I'm a little partial to WI. I'm sure it wouldn't be difficult to find a cabin to go to with all the connections I have back there. I'm not sure where Billie Holiday fits into this plan, but I'm game for whatever :)

Catherine said...

Billie is going to sing to my soul....duh. She is going to give me lots of aural pleasure....ahhh....seewhatididthere? really though...she is going to make the moment complete...and then we will follow her up with Ella...two of my favorites.

Dale said...

Oh yeah. I forgot that you mentioned Billie when you first wrote about this. I submit we throw some Neil Diamond in there as well for kicks and giggles.