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Monday, September 6, 2010

THIS girl!!!!!!

So unbeknownst to me, the gym was closed today...which means, I did a much shorter but more intense Jillian Michaels workout. Which means, I now have a few minutes to blog to you...bloggites. Which means, I'm now going to share with you an artist that is going to blow your mind. Ready? Set...

Her name is Jessie J...Jessica Cornish. She's from Essex. There are people who can sing...and there are people who can SANG! Some people sing from within, from their soul and it has little to do with lip buzzes and vocal exercises and passaggios and technique. I'm not knocking technique, I think it's vitally important. But, some people just sing without inhibition. I like to think that I try to sing with this same kind of inhibition and though I've surpassed my vocal limits over time as I've grown, I'm pretty sure this girl just doesn't have any. She could sing whatever the hellsnitch she wanted (yes I just made up that word) and it would sound amazing and it would blow your head off...that is what I think. Also, she is like 21 or 22 which makes me want to hate her even more. I heard about her about a year ago and yeah...she doesn't have an album out in the US so don't go crazy. She will though, I believe. I follow her on twitter and every once in a while hear little snippets that she is working on it so....without further ado...

This is the first thing I ever heard her sing....WHATTHEHECKWHEREDIDSHECOMEFROM?!

yes, that just came out of her...SITTING DOWN!!!! (she starts singing at 0:40)

This is the first song she ever wrote "Big White Room"....THE FIRST SONG SHE EVER WROTE! Yeah, I officially hate her. Listen to the run she does at 3:24 and 4:24-4:32 and the note she hits at 4:16...yeah that's an a full belt. I've only known one other person who could belt that high with ease (Amy Whitcomb) and I've only ever heard her belt a G, though I'm sure she's fully capable of going higher.

This song is just...clever.

This song has a great message. I want it on my ipod so I can go running to it. This would make me happy. She spends the first 3 minutes talking about it skip ahead if you just want to hear the song. (Song starts at 2:44)

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