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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Never Uglier...

sometimes you have to learn to laugh at yourself.
I've been sick for 5 days.  Today is the first day I really feel like doing anything, yet I've been in my PJ's most of the day, sitting on Michelle's floor, looking up random things on the internet and laughing...we're not even sure at what...but laughing is good anyway.  Although these pictures could seem incriminating...sometimes you just have to laugh at how ridiculous you look.  I opened photobooth and decided to capture the ridiculousness.  you don't even want to know what the "normal" view looked like.

          absolutely hideous. the sad things is...some people actually look somewhat like this. bless. we love them still.

the hairline of America.

   the claw of death.
michelle making food from afar.  the speculation still stands on whether or not she ate her head.
so special.

don't be afraid. laugh at yourself.

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Amy said...

the last one is my look great Cath :)