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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Mapping my progress...

I have been in Arizona since Thanksgiving working on this Noteworthy album...I was going strong until the week before Christmas when my computer gave up on me, my sister got in a car accident, and then the holidays began and I got distracted.  But now it's back to work time.  Only a couple weeks until I need to have this completely done...fine...complete.  I need to get back to my other job, my roommates miss me (and I miss them), my house misses me (though I don't miss it, I'm just sure it needs looking after), my gym pass to the 24 in Provo is sitting there being unused though I paid $200 for it, and my social life is passing on without me.  The perks of being here though food, comfortable living space, loads of movies & TV (though that's probably a problem in itself), great weather, outdoors, sun sun sun! (can't emphasize that enough--not missing the snow) and of course family time.

Not that anyone is that interested, but I am just mapping out what I've done so far....there are 14 tracks on this album, each requires me to do some editing & tuning which takes roughly 5-10+ hours each depending on how far I go with it and then mixing, mixing, mixing, which takes who knows how long...however long I want to spend on it until I feel like it's done...So in no particular order..
1. Apologize--almost done
2. Listen--almost done
3. He Lives--final mix done
4. Ergen Deda--final mix done
5. Bizzle--more mixing required
6. Don't You Worry--more mixing required
7. Lord I Would Follow Thee--almost done
8. A Living Prayer--possible recording & then editing, otherwise just mixing
9. Fix It Men-some editing, mixing
10. Unwritten-almost finished editing, mixing
11. It Only Hurts-all editing, mixing
12. Waiting For You-all editing, mixing
13. How Sweet It Is-all editing, mixing
14. Child-almost done

So my big task is to finish editing on those last 4 big ones (10-13) and then pick up the pieces here and there...and then back in the studio to mix.  If only I had known what I was getting myself into:).  

Hope you all had a great holiday.  I am excited to see what 2009 brings to all of us.


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Courtney said...

i'm proud of you! you are almost done...and then you can come back here and play. we all miss you!!!