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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Love is all around.

Loving self. Surrounding others with love. Receiving. Filling the spaces between with light and love.  These are things I have been focusing on more recently.  When I woke up today my thoughts were far from any lack of love or relationship in my life, which many "singles" often succumb to on this sometimes dreaded and strange holiday.  I actually forgot it was even a holiday. 

Nonetheless, today was still deeply satisfying and looked something like this:

-woke up
-positive affirmations
-oat bran & berries
-lemon tea
-family text session
-coaching call
-reaching out to a friend
-playing with beautiful, laughing children
-receiving an aromatherapy kit of amazingness from employer just to say thank you & happy V day...score.
-listening to "One and Only" by Adele on repeat during my entire roundtrip commute
-stopped at the store: back to nature fudge mint cookies--soo good, coconut milk "ice cream" entitled "Naked Coconut" (the name sealed the deal)--organic & fair trade! we're getting super healthy & politically aware up in here, 3 shades of pink nail polish (why not?), meatless chicken tenders, coconut milk, vine ripe tomatoes, asparagus.... the essentials.
-came home to a surprise card from my roommates encouraging more random lip action in my life (featured above)
-candle lit, music, room cleaning, aromatherapy
-chat session with roommate
-chillaxing on bed in newly cleaned, sweet smelling room

even though it's midnight I feel like the most loving choice right now would be to head over to the gym and spend a few minutes on the treadmill with some new tunes I just bought in my headphones followed by a session in the steam room...which let's be honest is the real reason I bought a gym pass ... is that bad? ;)

The best part of today (besides the fudge mint cookies) was hearing Bubba's (18 mos) laughter fill the room.  We had fun today.  There is nothing more beautiful and loving than the smile of a child.

Love is all around.  Can you feel it?

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Tara : Damon said...

i miss you. i would have liked the food more if it was naked coconutS. ha. nuts.