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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

holiday melody

I've written 3 songs in the past 2 weeks. That's a lot for me. I'm working on my very first "holiday/christmas" song. I want to put it on this record I'm working on....addendum to that last sentence: the album i've been asked so nicely by my brother--for which i've created 1,000 ideas swirling in my head--to complete...but haven't actually put audio to tape yet. let's face it..i wont be putting audio to tape at all...only to digitally sampled capture of real audio. you know what i mean. It will hopefully be an addition to the 6 songs I did christmas 2007 all in basically one night in my room in the basement in BYU student housing. I woke up one roommate on the 3rd floor...I hope she's forgiven me...I think she liked the CD though.

i'm loving my christmas tunes playlist right now. i heard this song on a recent episode of "Bones". nothing significant about the fact that it's by my mistress of music right now, Ingrid Michaelson. her melodies/lyrics/charisma fascinate me...which is kind of weird...because i'm notorious for being into stuff that stimulates and challenges my musical brain....and yet her music is so simple. so simple it blows my mind cause it's just so good. but you can listen and decide for yourself.

in other news....4 days of school left. glory in the highest.

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Tara & Damon said...

I second your brother. I wanna take those pics finally! hey, so I have that one song you sang a while back stuck in my head all the time but I don't remember anything past the opening... 'there is a boy and a giiiirrrl..'
that's it.
I proat you.