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Sunday, August 9, 2009

i love...

  • buying new music on itunes (recent purchases: shae fiol--catch a falling star, owl city--fuzzy blue lights, Ingrid Michaelson-the chain, Jason Mraz--if it kills me, MSTRKRFT ft. John Legend--heartbreaker...)
  • putting that music into playlists (current playlists: "summer nights", "february")
  • bubble baths with my pecan pie delight bubble soak
  • spending hours working on a recording and enjoying the creative process
  • listening to Jeff Buckley's version of "Hallelujah"---especially while enjoying my soak in pecan pie
  • day-dreaming
  • writing new songs and the catharsis that ensues
  • shopping at the local farmer's market with all of the old people... the place has been open for over 50 years and its customers have been faithful
  • cooking...but not just cooking, creating something original that's nothing short of magical to the senses and all made out of fresh grown ingredients from the local market or my mom's garden (my parent's are A-ok with this passion of mine...and reap its benefits often)
  • the gospel and being reminded of my potential and reinforcement of truth every week
  • one word: dessert
  • really great workouts...running and losing track of time
  • playing the piano and losing track of time
  • being able to drive to San Diego in half a day...which I did twice last week.
  • having finally figured out that life is a process...a takes the guilt out of things. mistakes don't count as points against you. there is no regrettable past or uneasy future. just always moving forward and learning as you go.
  • learning to respect my body and heal our negative relationship. have a lot to offer me. i'm glad i have you.
  • friends coming home from missions. sisters moving home.
  • my brother, his wife, and my nephew...and the little one coming in April.
  • james mcavoy, john mayer and johnny depp....all of my celebrity loves start with a "j"...i guess.
  • spider solitaire
  • swimming in my pool that is at a constant 80-something degrees day or night..all by myself:)
  • the FOOD network
  • lotion (skin milk, love spell and white tea and ginger)
  • dark chocolate
  • seeing/hearing from old friends
  • finding notes from old friends tucked away in my room
  • love letters
  • erasing my done "to do" items off my white board
  • reading before bedtime
  • going to sleep to the sound of the ocean
  • sunsets over the ocean
  • organizing my room (not done nearly enough)
  • drinking tea in dim light with a good book or a great window view
  • art...that makes me think without words
  • strawberries
  • cellos
  • answered prayers and the revelation that God knows who I am and is listening
  • walks
  • parks
  • city lights over water
  • Alexi Murdoch, "Orange Sky"
  • private dance parties in my room
  • knowing that there is someone out there who will someday love all of these quirky things about me


C & K - the besties said...

i love...the fact that you blog more. i feel like i miss you, but it is ok, because you are still a person.

i also think that when you said, "especially while enjoying my soak in pecan pie" i laughed.

HAHA! i miss you. i love you.

Dale said...

Catherine! You're awesome. I love this list. I'm excited to see you this week!