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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Pictorama 2

Gearing up the night before.  Those shorts make me laugh.  They're heinous, and simultaneously the most comfortable things ever.  I wish I could say I ran the half marathon in flip flops...what would you do for fashion?
  "I made it.  I want to die now."
This picture might look cheerful, but I was contemplating the mass array of pain circulating my body.  


Kik and I in Mesa; this was part of my "doing nothing and enjoying it phase" of the summer...I think I'm still in that.
Singing at Jack's wedding
                       The happy couple

A little of this and that along the way...

A little birdie (Amy) reminded me that I needed a new post.  I know all of my avid readers have been waiting and furiously gnawing at their fingernails for another post...("gnawing" is kind of a gross word, so is "noshing"--not a fan.  I never get why they use that word in health magazines.  It sounds like what someone who is binge eating would do.  "I'm going to go 'nosh' on some strawberries."  Sounds disgusting.  But what do I know of health food jargon.  A lot actually.  Why?  I'll explain later.

  I can't believe the summer is halfway over.  What have I been doing?  Glad you asked.  Let me just diagram this out for you will be easier.

May 23--Provo, UT to Mesa, AZ=642.39 miles  (No A/C ) went to Kartchner Caverners, Tombstone, celebrated my birthday
May 26--Mesa, AZ to LA, CA=401.27 miles   (No A/C) rehearsed with Jacob's band, saw Wicked for the second time (on the front row), made a brief stop at Venice Beach, played at The Mint, got my A/C fixed for the FIRST time, hung out with my mom
May 30--LA, CA to Mesa, AZ=401.27 miles (Refreshingly cooler)  saw Ashkan and fiance, did absolutely nothing around my house for 3 weeks, went to the doctor---will explain later, got the A/C fixed for the SECOND time
June 16--Mesa, AZ to Provo, UT=642.39 miles had a Jamba Juice, discussed Johnny Depp at the MTV Movie Awards and went to bed
June 17-Provo, UT to Rexburg, ID=282.71 miles picked up Debra Donkin and celebrated her 20th birthday by listening to show tunes and musical soundtracks....and was thoroughly entertained by her singing (and likewise mine) all the way to...
Rexburg, ID to Portland, OR=734.63 miles  it was a long day...and lots of show tunes...Wicked served us well but I'd have to say my favorite was probably Pete's Dragon and Oklahoma...classic.
In Portland I well...visited all my favorite places...went running, biking, and hiking, bought some fabulous shoes and sang at Jackie's wedding (one of the most stressful days ever---3 hours of sleep never does the body good).  Jackie looked fabulous (and Brian but I'm not allowed to say that, don't worry Jack--the man in the wet suit is all yours) and the cake was amazing and eventually the pills I took to relieve the severe allergic reaction to all of the flowers kicked in and the knockout that ensued was blissful.
June 23 Portland to Rexburg=734.63 miles  Spent an uneventful night in Rexburg watching SYTYCD, hot tubbing in someone else's bathing suit who I still haven't met and geared up for another half day on the road
June 24 Rexburg to Provo=282.71 miles, was home for what felt like a day, had my A/C looked at twice and finally fixed for the THIRD time, decided that day to drive to Denver to see my family for the 4th
July 3 Provo to Denver, CO=482.37 miles  Played with my adorable nephew who can now crawl, ate a fruit tart at the Devil's Food bakery, went for a stroll in Washington Park, met up with some old friends for dinner, watched the fireworks outside of Coor's stadium, tried to run at 5800 feet, watched the Spiderwick Chronicles all the way through and then logged another classic quote into my memory log of classic quotes made by my mother, "I just don't get why she goes back to being young at the end."--the movie has goblins and fairies in it...but that's not what concerned it's supposed to make sense. oh mom.  I also started reading "Hunger Free Forever" and learned that at one point in the recent past 100% of the Pima Indians in Arizona were obese and nearly all had diabetes...good book and very enlightening on the health status of America and how to prevent heading in that direction.
Sometime after that--Denver to Provo=482.37 miles

I put alot of miles on my car.

In recent news...I got a job working for Ensign media as a mix engineer and producer.  Their website is and you can download all of the church music your heart desires for free.  I'm also in charge of finding talent...preferably native speakers...well singers in Russian, Korean, French, Italian, Hawaiian and so if you know anyone.

On Friday, Amy and I headed down to Bryce Canyon to run a 1/2 marathon.  Quick diversion to the health reference I made previously.  Being out of school and having all of this time on my hands I decided to go to the doctor and see what kind of damage I had done to my body during the last 5 years of constant stress and agony over school, relationships, etc etc. Well, not just for the sheer joy of finding out all of the problems, but in hopes that I could fix some things.  After several tests and some riveting questionnaires, we found out my adrenal glands were all but shot...too overworked by stress they have decided to vacay....except I am still here...needing them...we're on bad terms now.  So with that and a slight tear in my right quad muscle, I was having trouble training.  Alas, the week of the blessed race came and the course looked too beautiful and the idea was too intriguing to give it up.  So with a little rest and a lot of determination I set out at 5am Sat morning to prove that I'm an idiot.  Pre-marathon I had only run about 4 miles consistently and by consistent I mean maybe once a week.  So why not 13? heck.  Well, the morning was beautiful and the light coming over the canyon was so inspiring that with my iPod and asthma inhaler in tow, I ran the 13.1 miles into Cannonville and took my well deserved medal in just under 2 hrs and 50 minutes. Okay, Okay...I didn't run all 13 miles.  I ran to mile 7, walked mile 7-8, and ran/walked from 8-13.  I've never been so sore in my life.  I've gotten over the wobbling for the most part and was able to walk fairly normally today.  But after all of that, I still finished 394th out of over 800 runners....I didn't even know if I would finish let alone in the time allotment they gave us of 3 hours.  Amy, who was able to train and is in amazing shape now, ran it in 2:10 and placed 217th.  I look pretty shabby next to her...but who wouldn't.

Well I actually have MORE to post, but I need to get to sleep.  So I'll save that for later.  But, I'm trying to include some pictures and I obviously can't figure out the correct way to format these.  Do I add them to the post first and THEN write around them?  So confusing.

Topics for my next post should include: John Mayer, the Ultimate Running Mix of America playlist, videos of Will crawling and anything else that life inspires...until then...

peace & love-


Oh and my A/C is broken again.