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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Pictorama 2

Gearing up the night before.  Those shorts make me laugh.  They're heinous, and simultaneously the most comfortable things ever.  I wish I could say I ran the half marathon in flip flops...what would you do for fashion?
  "I made it.  I want to die now."
This picture might look cheerful, but I was contemplating the mass array of pain circulating my body.  


Ashley said...

You've been tagged! Check my blog! :) I love you!

Amy said... post....come on.

Women Afire said...

Catherine - followed the loop from Amy and here I am - How are you doing (it looks like you're great!) - You girls are gorgeous - and old and stuff (not really old, but it's weird when the last time I saw you you were . . . . 10? - I don't know.) Heard about the CD stuff for deseret - awesome! Good to check up on you.
- Marzee